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WhatsApp Messenger is the most convenient way of quickly sending messages on your smartphone to any contact or friend on your contacts list who also have the app installed.

Currently, WhatsApp is compatible with any mobile operating systems on the market: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. So this basically means you’ll be able to use WhatsApp to communicate with any friend, regardless of which type of smartphone they have.

WhatsApp users can send text messages, voice messages, links and images to any other user. Automatic image compression makes transferring files very easy (although there is some quality loss). Moreover, it lets you make voice calls for free through the app.

One of the most interesting and most used tools on WhatsApp is the one that lets you easily create and manage groups. Any user can enter any group, as long as they’ve been invited by the group’s creator, and they can leave it whenever they want.

WhatsApp is the perfect communication tool for iPhone users because with it, you can forget about paying for text messages ever again. It is a must-have.
WhatsApp goes back to classic statuses and supports Gboard GIFs

We wouldn't exactly call the new WhatsApp Statuses a success story. The new disappearing content feature hasn't taken off among users – certainly not considering that the cost was a wholesale swap-out of the original status phrases. That's why a week ago they started bringing back the old statuses in the beta version and now they're rolling back out for all users.
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Serious vulnerability uncovered in WhatsApp Web

The security firm Checkpoint revealed on Thursday that it had found a serious vulnerability on the WhatsApp Web client that could allow an attacker to gain full access to contacts, chats, and shared docs using a malicious code hidden in what seemed to be an innocent photo sent over chat. This problem was exclusive to the web version, which requires a QR code sent from the smartphone app to run on any browser.
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WhatsApp brings back status phrases in its latest beta

When it comes right down to it, technology is as much about trial and error as anything else, even when the product in question is getting used by millions of people. WhatsApp recently rolled out those new 24-hour, disappearing Statuses and in the process got rid of those useful phrases associated with your profile indicating your info or whatever else you had in mind to say. Luckily, the latest update has brought them back.
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